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Transitional Rule Book (Swiss Blue Chip Segment)

The archive contains the mstea participants' regulation which were abrogated as of 31 March 2010.

Since 4 May 2009, Swiss blue chip stocks are traded in the "Swiss Blue Chip Segment" of mstea and no longer on SWX Europe.

Valid from 4 May 2009 until 31 March 2010

Description Download
Swiss Blue Chip Segment - Trader Readiness Guide
Transitional Rule Book for Blue Chip Trading of mstea
Swiss Blue Chip Segment Directives
Directive 2: Registration of Individuals
Directive 3: Market Days, Phases and Hours and Clearing Days
Directive 4: Orders, Off-order Book Trades and their Attributes
Directive 5: Price Steps and Round Lots
Directive 6: Extraordinary Situations
Directive 7: Emergency Situations (System Failure)
Directive 8: Handling of Mistrades
Directive 9: Fees
Directive 9: Fees, effective as of 01.12.2009
Directive 10: Use of Market Information disseminated via the SWXess Trading Platform
Directive 11: Default Procedures
Directive 15: Member Automated Applications
Directive 19: Separate Line Trading
Directive 21: Swiss Block
Circular FINMA "Marktverhaltensregeln" (German)
Circular FINMA "Meldepflicht" (German)